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T-65 Tee Forming Tool


Collar sizes: NS ½” - 2''
Run tube sizes: ⅝” - 4⅛ (6")
Pipe material: Copper, CuNi
Work cycle time: 15 - 60 sec
Machine type: Portable tools
Process: Tee forming
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T-DRILL T-65 portable tee forming machine

The Heavy Duty T-DRILL T-65 is a privileged member in the T-DRILL tool family of copper tubes. Having the capacity up to 2'' out of the run tubes up to 4''(with optional retrofit kit up to 6") will make you still more profitable and competitive. If a comparison is made between the installed cost of a tee fitting and T-DRILL joint you will see an improved profit that approaches 70%. This is documented in most any labor calculator in use.

Certification test is now available online!

Capacity Chart for K, L & M copper



Tee diameter

½ - 2''

Run tube diameter

½ - 4'' (6")

Max wall thickness

K, L and M tubing



Cycle time

15 - 60 sec

Spindle rotation speed

0 - 500/50 rpm

Noice level

82,5 dB (A)


less than 2,5 m/s2

Dimensions of the unit

22.4'' x 4.9'' x 7.0'' (LxDxH)

Weight of the unit

12 lbs

Supply voltage

230V / 50Hz
120V / 60 Hz
110V / 50 Hz

T-DRILL ND-54 Tube End Notcher

ND-54 Tube End Notcher is used for cutting and dimpling the branched tube ends to enable the best possible flow characteristics.

The ND-54 is a natural complement to the T-DRILL tee forming system. It cuts a half-moon shaped coupon from each side of the branch tube to provide for full flow and simultaneously presses in a dimple that rests on the rim of the tee and acts as a depth stop. A second dimple 0.35'' higher acts as a point of inspection. The result is an inspectable brazed joint with the best possible flow characteristics.

For branch tube sizes ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, 2” and for corresponding metric sizes.

ND-54 putkenpään muotoilija

Please see HFT-2000

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