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T-65 Tee Forming Tool


Collar sizes: NS ½” - 2''
Run tube sizes: ⅝” - 4⅛"
Pipe material: Copper
Work cycle time: 15 - 60 sec
Machine type: Portable tools
Process: Tee forming
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T-DRILL T-65 portable tee forming machine

The Heavy Duty T-DRILL T-65 is a privileged member in the T-DRILL tool family of copper tubes. Having the capacity up to 2'' out of the run tubes up to 4'' will make you still more profitable and competitive. If a comparison is made between the installed cost of a tee fitting and T-DRILL joint you will see an improved profit that approaches 70%. This is documented in most any labor calculator in use.

Certification test is now available online!



Tee diameter

½ - 2''

Run tube diameter

½ - 4''

Max wall thickness

K, L and M tubing



Cycle time

15 - 60 sec

Spindle rotation speed

0 - 500/50 rpm

Noice level

82,5 dB (A)


less than 2,5 m/s2

Dimensions of the unit

22.4'' x 4.9'' x 7.0'' (LxDxH)

Weight of the unit

12 lbs

Supply voltage

230V / 50Hz
120V / 60 Hz
110V / 50 Hz

T-DRILL ND-54 Tube End Notcher

ND-54 Tube End Notcher is used for cutting and dimpling the branched tube ends to enable the best possible flow characteristics.

The ND-54 is a natural complement to the T-DRILL tee forming system. It cuts a half-moon shaped coupon from each side of the branch tube to provide for full flow and simultaneously presses in a dimple that rests on the rim of the tee and acts as a depth stop. A second dimple 0.35'' higher acts as a point of inspection. The result is an inspectable brazed joint with the best possible flow characteristics.

For branch tube sizes ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, 2” and for corresponding metric sizes.

ND-54 putkenpään muotoilija

Please see HFT-2000

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